Finding meaning

Not quite sure what I’ll use this blog for – in the meantime, it’s a great place to jot down thoughts.

I’ve spent the last four weeks living, breathing Holiday Train blog. I was even fortunate enough to join the Holiday Train entertainers and crew for the Calgary >> Edmonton >> Calgary leg.  It’s been a great ride, literally and metaphorically. Interacting with all the blog contributors has made me feel like part of the entire journey for both the Canadian and US trains. Actually being on the train helped me put the posts into context – I met a lot of great people, on and off the train.

Now that things have slowed down for the holidays, and as I get ready to ramp up in a new year, I find that New Years’ Eve is an anomoly to me – from the chaos of Vegas’ Strip to the crowds of Tempe, AZ’s big New Years’ bash… can Calgary compare? Where do people go? What do they do? My first inclination is to find a venue with great live music – I’ve always claimed to be an audiophile, but the last month or so has deepened my need to find meaning through music.

And so 2008 comes to an end…


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