Finding a work-life balance

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling – since there are so many things I cannot change, I am going to affect those that I can.

The plan is to:

  • Spend only 40 hours a week at work, and take breaks
  • Dedicate a half hour daily to my eating (making meals, preparing lunches)
  • Exercise 5 hours a week
  • Get an average of 8 hours of sleep daily throughout the week

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to focus closely on exercising 5 hours a week and dedicating time to my eating.

In the process, I’d like to explore my passions and start digging into a few of my hobbies. First step? Look into doing a skydive in Arizona when I go in November. One of the best experiences in my life, so why not splurge a little and try it again?


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