Life never ceases to surprise…

My sister got baptised today – unfortunately my parents were out of town and her best friend had pneumonia, so I was the sole support. But I’m eternally glad that I was able to attend. I’ll freely admit that it was my first time attending church in my adult life – but that’s neither here nor there.

The experience, while completely life-changing for my sister, I’m sure, was surprisingly moving for me as well. It’s a tearjerker to watch someone you love submit herself to something she truly believes in, moving forward with her life and beginning to search what she’s looking for.

She was the sole baptism for the earlier morning service at Westside King’s Church (there were 5 more at the later service – apparently most people like to sleep in, like myself). On an off-hand note, WKC was not your typical church – just check out their website. Lattes, a full-out band and big-screen TVs? Not what you’d expect. The church apparently has suffered some upheaval in the past 5 years – but I wish them and their congregation all the best in continuing to rebuild and move forward. There are a lot of good things going on there. That said, I am comfortable with my own brand of spirituality and you won’t find me there (or at any other church) anytime soon.

My sister set a strong example for those in the “audience” this morning – she was confident in her faith and her new path, and it takes an amazing person to be fully immersed in water in front of hundreds of people. Even I shed a few tears. An experience that should not be missed – and I truly do hope that what Reverend Bob told her comes true: That she remembers most the loud cheering from the congregation after coming back from under the water.

Those cheers were for you.


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