Christmas at my house – the good and the bad

I finished my xmas shopping yesterday – yay! I find shopping is either really stressful and I end up finishing at the last minute, or I’m totally organized and it gets done early. Tonight I wrapped presents to be mailed out tomorrow and I’m just waiting on a mail order to wrap the rest of my gifts. Even the stocking stuffers are purchased and sitting in a bag.

However, my plans for the outside of my house have completely fallen apart. First off, I cannot afford to pay someone to decorate my place with lights, so that was never a consideration. I also can’t envision me trying to put lights on the roof, so I scrapped that idea immediately too. There was some consideration of putting lights around my picture window but there’s nothing to actually hook them onto so I’m not sure how one accomplishes that. Finally, I decided that lights on the bush in front of my house, perhaps around my railing and a little snowman that lights up would do.

The next hitch is that I don’t have a light outlet outside in the front – I know right? Who designed this house? So, it was recommended that I purchase a light socket outlet that screws into the socket. So, I did that, bought the lights and the extension cord and tonight I was prepared to put up the lights. However, the light socket outlet isn’t 3 pronged!! Who designs this stuff? What sort of extension cord or outdoor light doesn’t have 3 prongs? I’ll make another trip to Canadian Tire tomorrow to see if I can find anything, but it looks like there may be no lights outside at my house this year.

At least my Christmas tree is up.


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