Eating a healthy way through 2010

I’ve decided on one of my challenges for 2010, besides reaching my goal weight for once and for all. In fact, the two are related in a big way.

Angela, Terri and I have been sharing vegetarian-friendly recipes on a Google Wave (ask me if you don’t yet have an invitation). I’ve decided to contribute 52 recipes to the Wave in 2010 (that’s one per week, for those that are keeping track).

While I may make the choice to add poultry or fish to some of the dishes to keep my protein/iron levels up, all the dishes will stand on their own while vegetarian as well. I might as well share the dishes on my blog as well, or the good ones, at least. I’m making African Nut Stew tomorrow (contributed by Terri – thanks!), and I have a few tupperwares to go through in my freezer, so I will start this mission in the first full week of January. For weeks that I’m away from home, I’ll have to make up the recipe the week prior or after (whew… stress already building).

I believe that a) cooking more and b) finding veg alternatives will aid my quest of finding more balance in life and, therefore, the serenity that we’re all looking for.

Let the eating begin!


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