Gearing up for the week ahead

It’s been a long week – I won’t go into the sordid details but the weekend was very welcome. Most days, I worked long hours and had little enough energy that all I could manage to do was head home and collapse. I had a great day shopping with Lisa and Erin on Saturday, followed by drinks and nachos with Erin. Very relaxing.

Today, Miki and I had a pet screening with PALS (Pet Access League Society) to join their ranks. More about this in another blog entry. But after leaving Chinook Centre, after an attempt to exchange my brand new Ariat boots w/ a blue pen mark on them, I found myself pushed to the edge of my patience. So much so that I was tempted to ram the truck parked behind me, which was sticking out at least 2 ft farther than the cars around it – obviously too big for the parking spot. It took me a little see-sawing to get out of my spot, at which point I knew that the rest of the afternoon and evening was g0ing to be for me.

For anyone who has never heard of it, the Meyers-Briggs test is an indicator of your personality (take a shorter version of the test here). A person is given a personality type based on 4 scales:

  • Extraversion-Introversion
  • Sensing-Intuition
  • Thinking-Feeling
  • Judgement-Perception

I’m not going to cover the entire spectrum for myself in this blog post (this sounds like something else I can draft into a series of blog posts) but I will say that I undoubtedly am an “I” or introvert.

The funny part is that most people think that introversion means that you’re shy or have trouble making friends, opening up in groups, etc. Sure, these may be indicators of your type, however, in this test it really signifies where a person draws his/her energy from. I can be very social, and I believe that the more a person does it, the more it comes naturally. I was shy in high school and throughout the last 10 years I’ve changed immensely. However, my rating on the E-I scale has consistently been weighted heavily towards introversion, regardless of where I am in my life.

This means that I draw my energy from personal thought and reflection, as opposed to acting on something. Someone who can act in impulse repeatedly without seeming to need time to slow down and reflect is an extrovert. Personally, the more I am out, and the more random or unplanned a day becomes, the more flustered I am and I feel the need to draw back and be by myself to reflect and re-energize myself.

What does that mean for this week? I did not take enough waking hours to re-energize myself. While I was awake, I was always on the run and continued to drain myself without replenishing my stores. Don’t get me wrong – I crave socialization and being with friends, but I need to remember to schedule time for myself as well.

I also like this article by Remarkable Communication: The one thing you cannot blow off. I need to work on my scheduled maintenance, and Twitter time on the bus heading to work doesn’t count. I’m considering getting off the bus at the entrance to downtown and walking 20 mins into downtown, or taking time to head to a different coffee shop that requires more than a 2 minute elevator ride. I’ve also neglected my reading before bed in the evenings, which also takes away from my “me” time.

Does anyone else fall into the Introverted category? What do you do to recharge? And, out of curiosity sake, what do you Extroverts do to refill your energy banks?


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  1. Was wonderful to spend some time with you yesterday! 🙂

    I think PALS will be an enriching experience for both you & Miki. Cannot wait to hear more about your adventures.

    Of course, I’m one of the Meyers-Briggs odd balls, in that I’m on the E/I & the J/P fence. I can go either way depending on my current frame of mind at the time of taking the test. Makes life very interesting I suppose. Firmly NF though, which probably won’t surprise you one bit! 😉 I like to call myself the outgoing introvert, or shy extrovert.

    As for recharging, I am bad at that, so not a good one to come to for advice about that. For me, I guess grabbing a friend or two and heading out on a hike is good for me. A combination of physical activity, a few friends to have some solid time and discussion with, while forcing me to leave the draws of technology behind me. It is amazing how the littlest thing can drain us without realizing it. I am horrible at taking care of myself – get too caught up in taking care of everyone else. I need to find a kind, tolerant soul to be in my life, that will make the effort to take care of me. At least I know that in exchange, they will be more than well taken care of in exchange as that’s what I do.

    I think your making a point to schedule time in for YOU is important. And there’s nothing to say that “me” time has to be about you being alone. Things like what we talked about in terms of going for a pedi is a good chance for me time, that can be done alone or with others, depending on what you need at the time.

    Anyhow, I am sure I’m boring you with my ramblings in your own blog… 😉

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