Why I adore my dog…

Last night I was filling my pets’ waterbowl while Miki waited with bated (or stinky) breath; she was pouncing all over before I even got it on the floor. She LOVES water.

And it reminded me of just one of the many reasons why I adore my dog – so I tweeted about it. After the rough first year together, especially the first 3 months, I try really hard to find a reason to appreciate Miki everyday.

Which prompted Angela to write a blog entry about why Shep rocks – and challenged me to do the same for Miki.

So, here goes. Things about Miki that I adore:

– how excited she gets over my filling her water bowl

– that she is excited to see me, whether I’ve left for 8 hours or 1, or she’s been outside for 10 minutes

– she’s beautiful, and people tell me all the time- and I only wish I could take credit for it

– she won’t chew on her treats unless I’m home – anything I leave with her while I’m gone goes unchewed

– she could probably put up a good fight, but she lets my kitty Twixie be the animal boss of the house

– the soggy, sad face she makes while standing out in the rain

– the way she’s not afraid of anything, even bikes (after being run over by one)… and big dogs

– her need to meet and visit with absolutely everyone at the dog park, human or canine

– she chases her tail, A LOT! And if she catches it, she tries to step on it. It’s hours of entertainment for us both

– the eternal trust that I will never do anything to hurt her (even by dragging her up a mountain or two)

– while she makes me drag her at the beginning of a run, by the end, when I’m running out of steam, she’s the one that keeps me going (sometimes she’s literally pulling me)

– her personality shows through so brightly that people tell me all the time she’s the friendliest American Eskimo Dog they’ve ever met

– she’s as impatient as I am – I wish I could say she’s made me a more patient person, but it simply isn’t true

– she places ice cubes above treats on the “Yum” scale

– the way that she snow bathes -she never smells better during the year than she does in the winter

– the fact that she sits at the door and watches me leave the house in the morning… forever! Sometimes I have to come back to the house for something I’ve forgotten and she’s still there

– she gives me some basis of comparison to my friends and coworkers with kids (sorta)

– how she “liberates” (carries) her toys from the crate one by one after I’ve let her out of it

– when I’m not motivated to get out and run, the little dog sitting next to the door pushes me to action

I adore that she makes me a better, less selfish person everyday.



  1. That was an awesome read. My eyes are all misty and I’m smiling. Miki is an awesome dog and I’m really glad we did this exercise. It was fun and you made me remember some things I forgot … like the way Shep doesn’t want to be outside if I’m not out there with him, like the way he dives face first into snow piles and eats it, like the way he knows it’s time for his pills … er … treats and like the way I am more at peace in my heart just by looking into his eyes.

    Thanks, Danelle.

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