Challenging myself

So, Angela’s challenges to herself have encouraged me to make up a couple of my own. Trying to eat healthier and making meals at home is one of those. Gwendolyn posted a quinoa recipe to her blog last week that interested me – if you look back through my blog, you’ll see that quinoa is one of my new discoveries. So, I decided to make the recipe and save it for lunches for during the week, to avoid spending money and making poor eating choices.

The recipe is AMAZING! I had a couple of bites and I already want to break into my tupperware containers for some more. I did make a couple of modifications… of course, I probably shouldn’t have. I read “2 cups quinoa” and assumed it was uncooked (now that I look, it actually is cooked), so I halved most of everything. Hence why I had to add some curry & salt & pepper to taste. Anyhow, it’s still great, and I’m sure the next time I make it *properly* it’ll be even better! I also included cranberries instead of currants, mainly because I couldn’t find the latter and I like cranberries so I figured it was a good tradeoff.

Look forward to seeing more recipes and posts on my blog. I’ve also started doing the thing – I write a lot for work but do precious little of it in my personal life (aside from Twitter and emails, which I don’t consider reading or writing). This will probably encourage me to write more blog posts, and also give me an outlet to vent when I need it. All too often when I am feeling overwhelmed by something, I keep it inside until it’s too late. That said, I’m not going to put my rants on my blog; those will stay secret on my account 😉

Until next time.


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