The Year of the Flood

I read Margaret Atwood’s the Year of the Flood earlier in December – I just didn’t get around to writing about it. After reading Oryx & Crake, I was pretty excited about getting into this novel.

Basically, the Year of the Flood happens in parallel with Oryx & Crake, but from the perspective of two women in the Pleeblands, as opposed to those living in the compounds. You learn more about what life was like outside the safe haven, what people had to do to survive and what the advent of the “waterless flood” was like on the outside. The view you had was a little different, as the women were in a group that lived a little better (and different) than your average “Pleeb” but it was still very different from what you heard from Snowman.

I’ll admit that I raced through this book looking for the intersection with Snowman. I probably didn’t read it as in-depth as I should have, and didn’t spend as much time pondering the information presented as I normally would. I guess while the story was generally good, I was more interested in what happens with Snowman & his band of perfect people. The story may have dragged on a little, in my opinion. I did like where the two novels “clicked” and a character referenced in the first one appeared in the second (whether by a single mention or having a more important role in the sequel).

I think, overall, it was a fairly good novel but I enjoyed Oryx & Crake more because it was all new and a surprise – I had no idea what was coming whereas there wasn’t as much mystery in the Year of the Flood. I think what I’d really like to see is a continuation of the story, as to what happens to those still surviving after the fact… how do they rebuild, how do they interact with the band of Crakers… that would be a great follow-up. You there, Margaret? It’s me, Danelle.


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