Pennies for PALS

As most know, the penny was officially retired as currency this week. Enterprising charities and not-for-profits have jumped on the chance to empty peoples’ pockets, drawers and jars of these coins. One such organization, which hits close to home for me in several ways, is Pawsitively Natural, which is collecting pennies (and anything else you’d like to donate) for PALS. PALS is a non-profit organization that provides pet therapy to people who would not ordinarily be able to benefit from such a service, such as seniors in long-term care facilities or terminally ill children in hospitals or care centres.

20130206-192606.jpgAs most of you probably know, Miki and I volunteer with PALS since 2010. Not only do we visit a seniors’ home twice a month, but I also interview prospective volunteers, manage the social media strategy and am helping to redevelop the website and branding for the organization. Lesser known is that Miki also visits Pawsitively Natural Daycare and Training Academy once a week as a break to being home alone all day. She loves going and their staff is incredibly engaged. Eric and his team are experienced and full of energy, and I could recommend them as a daycare to anyone.

Want to donate your pennies to PALS?

  1. Visit Pawsitively Natural – 1313 16 Ave SW
  2. Drop your pennies in the jar!

Can’t get to Pawsitively Natural? Donations can also be made online through Paypal. Sure, it won’t help you get rid of your pennies, but it’ll still make you feel good – and you can get a tax receipt!

P.S. I think I’m one of the few who will actually miss the penny. I use my change – and, by that, I mean I enjoy throwing all my change down the chute on the self-checkout machines at Safeway every so often.



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