My #SierraDrive experience

2014 GMC Sierra I won’t lie – in some ways I’m pretty skeptical about Klout. Anything that creates numbers in a black box gets the critical eye from me. But I do try to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to social and what’s out there for tools. And when I received an invite to try out a 2014 GMC Sierra in November for three days, I couldn’t say no. I’d seen a few of my buddies posting their pictures and experiences so I thought it would be fun. My fall was extremely busy, so finding a good weekend was difficult, and I didn’t manage some of the scenic shots that others did since I received my truck just as the snow fell and temperatures plummeted, but I did find good use for the truck and have an experience of it.

The good

Central Alberta skiesWe really appreciated the creature comforts – there were quite a few options in the vehicle that we’d never experienced, including remote starter (ok, yes – I live in the dark ages – plus I have a garage). We especially liked the heated steering wheel and dual zones, and the novely of hooking up our phones via bluetooth. Safety features like back-up camera and front/back sensors, as well as the lane indicator warning, were fun to explore too. Being able to adjust every part of the seat plus wheel and pedals was beneficial since there’s a foot in height difference between my boyfriend and I. Having a button that folds in/out the side mirrors for city parking was also useful, so long as I remembered to unfold them once I got going! Despite being a novice truck driver (my usual ride is a Mazda3) I found navigating around the city not too difficult. My parking skills still need work but it wasn’t the beast I thought it would be.

The truck plowed through our fresh snow like butter. Driving was so easy and we never worried about slipping or spinning tires. The “get up and go” in the vehicle was fast – not super slow like some trucks out there. And having the vehicle on this particular weekend ended up being a lifesaver, because we had a special trip to visit… our new puppy!! We had to drive out to a farm in rural central Alberta and there’s no way my little car could have made the trip. We debated the drive, but with most of the roads being “yellow” on the AMA Road Map (party covered in snow/ice) we decided that with the truck the trip would be possible. The last stretch was like driving through a foot of fresh powder on a mountain – absolutely needed the truck’s power and height on that road, especially when another vehicle came from the other direction and we were literally plowing through the snow. Thank you, GMC, for allowing us to go visit our puppy and her siblings for the first time.

The bad

While they were great while they worked, some of the features had issues in the snow and cold, notably all of the sensors and the back-up camera, essentially disabling any of the (non-essential) warning systems. While it was working, the front and back sensors also seemed very touchy in the ice and cold, to the point where you could be feet away from an object and it would be warning you to stop immediately. So, while we think there’s a lot of promise, a bit of work still needs to be done. Perhaps heating coils to melt any ice or snow that gets lodged in the systems. In the meantime, I guess one could pinpoint where all the cameras and sensors are and manually wipe them off before heading off.



Would we consider a GMC Sierra if we were in the market for a truck? Absolutely.

We really enjoyed this experience and I hope that other companies take a page from GMC’s book and step up the game for Klout Perks in the future.

And, just because it wouldn’t be my blog otherwise, here’s a cute picture of our puppy in a three-way tug-of-war with Miki and my boyfriend.

Disclaimer: I’ve never done one of these before, but I’d just like to make note that I was not asked or coerced to write this blog post in any way; the only “compensation” I given was the use of the truck for three days and a gift card.



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