It’s all about the wine

Credit: Bill Gracey
Credit: Bill Gracey

Dear readers,

You’re likely going to see a new topic take over my blog for the foreseeable future.

You see, I’ve gone to the wine.

No, not whine – although, I do a fair bit of that too – but wine. Sweet, dry, red, white, tannins, acidity… these are all terms that flow off my tongue daily for the past few months.

It started with our yearly visits to the Okanagan for some wine and time off. But I’ve found myself buying more and more wine at liquor stores. Not beer. Not hard liquor. Wine.

Which then enticed me to take a wine course through Fine Vintage and write the WSET Level 1 test – and now I find myself perusing the wine list wherever I go. What regions, what varietals? What will go best with what I’m eating?

So, like any good blogger, of which I’m not because I sorely neglect this blog, I’d like to share my experiences and knowledge in the hopes that I can shed some light on this delicious yet mysterious hobby of mine.

Hope you can come along for the ride.

And, yes, I will still continue to post about other topics… and pictures of pets.


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