Back at it – revisited

Heading out for a run

I wrote a blog post a little while back with my plan for getting back on track with my health.

The good news is that I’ve kicked up my nutrition and exercise a notch in 2018. I’m feeling healthier and stronger a little over two months in to the year.

But, I’ve also revised what this year will look like. I’ve separated it in to three phases:

  1. Get stronger (January to June) – I’m doing 5-6 days a week of cross training, plus running twice a week to keep up my cardio a bit, with more emphasis on cardio cross training (bike, swim) and bumping runs up to 3x a week starting in April
  2. Get focused (July to September) – scaling back cross training to about 3x a week, with running four days a week
  3. Get fast (October to December) – continue the previous schedule, but I’ll join a speedwork clinic for one run a week to work on tackling my PB

I’ll admit, it’s a struggle to see many of my running buddies going longer distances, running more days a week… but I keep reminding myself that no two people are in the same place at the same time, and I happen to be in a much different place than most of them. I’m trying to fit some of my workouts around group runs so that I can join them at least once a week – it doesn’t always work, but it feels great when I can.

Since plans have changed, I thought I’d re-visit my goals from my previous post as well.

I will run at least three two half marathons

Wellllll… I didn’t get in to the SeaWheeze (sigh) or the Half Corked, so this will probably be two half marathons in 2018, both occurring in the second half of the year. I haven’t 100% decided on which two, but likely the Melissa’s in Banff, and the San Antonio half (yes, in Texas).

At least two, possibly three, of my running buddies are tackling their first full marathons in San Antonio, so I thought it might be fun to make the trip, run a half marathon and cheer them on as they cross the finish line.

I will achieve a PB on my half marathon time in 2018

I’m still aiming for a PB in my second half of the year!

I will (probably) run one sprint triathlon in 2018

This is a tentative goal but I plan on starting cycling and swimming in April, so it’s definitely on my radar.

I will run one obstacle-type race circuit at Inja Nation in 2018

Timing-wise, this one probably isn’t in the cards for this year. I’m away or already have plans for all the obstacle races, or they occur too early in the year for me to conceivably be fit enough to finish one. So, this might be a 2019 goal instead, but it will get done! However, I WOULD like to visit Inja Nation for the first time this year, so maybe I’ll make that my goal instead.

This is Miki – she helps me yoga

So, there you go. Not everything works out as originally planned, but it still looks like a killer year of hitting goals. I’m looking forward to what new challenges I’ll be able to tackle.

What are your goals for 2018? Fitness, nutrition, hobbies… can be anything!



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