Serenity Web is the name of the domain I owned “way back when” I was in my early teens. A provider gave out a certain number of free domain names; this is when they cost about $75/year – dear cash for someone who was a babysitter for a living. Thanks to my still-rare cable internet, I beat out the dial-up users for a domain. I never did much with the domain besides park it, and lost it after the free year.

Now, much later, I still like the name, even though my domain has since been claimed. Perhaps someday I’ll figure out why “Serenity Web” speaks to me – maybe because I appreciate finding peace in my oftwhile busy life. I can’t promise that this blog will be particularly enlighening, or updated on a weekly basis all the time – but for those who are interested in hearing my innermost thoughts, this will probably be as close as most of you ever get.


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